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We are the Manufacturers for Organic Spice powders , Organic juices , oils and jaggery . We would love to provide the general public with our organic items. In today’s world people are more interested to have a healthy food without any chemical or pesticides. This product will generally help us to improve our immune system in order to overcome any diseases. Hence we had an idea to bring up organic products that could be used by each and every person in a day to day life. We started up with a company name Village Foods and Beverages. Our brand name is Magil.

Our Company

VILLAGE FOODS has come up with a great solution which will help food lovers to gain a good Nativity Taste and Healthy life. We currently export our Masala products to Various Countries. We Procure directly from organic farms and manufacture on our own in a homemade village style. Thus the people who lives there loves our product. Like the same way we thought to give the export level quality products to the people in each and every country. With lots of Hard work, Dedication and Energy we established our company product’s to all over the world Globally.
We are currently dealing with Online Shopping, Shops, Super Market, Caterings and Hotels.

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Prabhakaran Subramani


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Made in a Traditional way to provide you an authentic taste , which gives your dish an orginal flavour and more than it you go healthy !

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